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This site is just about the numbers. If you want information about the significance of redistributions or other material related to elections, check out the excellent commentary by Antony Green at antonygreen.com.au/
But if you want to analyse election results, or to explore the effects of swings (uniform or otherwise), or if you want to drill down to results at polling place level, this site might be for you. For example getting individual polling place results is easy, and a single click will show you the polling place location in Google Maps.

When the results by electorate are shown, tap or click the first item in the row to see detail at polling place level.

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2010 election results
2013 election results
2016 election results
2019 election results
2022 election results
2025 projected results based on 2022 results and subsequent swings, with a swing of since 2022 as the most prevalent
As at early July 2023, there is no detailed information available on a redistribution for the next election, although it looks as if there will be an additional seat in WA and one less in both NSW and Victoria, giving a total of 150 seats.
As a result, at present the 2025 projected results are based on the 2022 electorates.


  1. Left-right swings are applied to the two leading candidates only.
  2. If Labor and Liberal are the leading contenders, a swing to the left will favour Labor.
  3. If Labor and the Greens are the leading contenders, a swing to the left will favour the Greens.
  4. For the purpose of swing calculations, most independent candidates are considered to be left of the Liberals and right of Labor.
  5. As much as possible, swings are applied at polling place level before being aggregated.
  6. An overswing is reported if, for example, a 10% swing favoured a candidate who already received 95% of the votes from a particular polling place. In this case such a candidate would receive 100% of the vote, but no more.
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